Saturday, April 19, 2014

English Outreach 2014

At last we have made it, the first English Outreach program in Perlis! Here are the pictures, the story will come soon...
It was 16th April 2014, starting from 2pm to almost 5pm, the first guest school to arrive is SMK Padang Besar (U), the next school was SMK Beseri and lastly, SK Lubuk Sireh.

The preparation of the exhibition

The students, teachers and the Principal were waiting for the special guest of honour, the State Education Department, Director's representative, but no one turned up which hampered the spirit of the students a little bit. 

Busy installing the exhibition boards which were loaned by the State Education Department, Administration and Management Unit, thanks to En. Salleh, the officer in charge.

Mohd Nasyriq and Mohd Hanan from Form 5 Cekal are using their skills to instal the board.

Last minute touch up by 5 Bijak, to decorate their exhibition materials.

The performance by form 5 Arif, a song by Westlife..

Language games, spelling bee, treasure hunt and crossword puzzle, the battle of the north schools, SMK Padang Besar (U), SMK RPM Tg Fauziah and SMK Beseri. The games were held by 5 Cekal pupils led by Amirul, Siti Nurhaliza, Aisah, Asyraf, Hemawathi and Fadzleen

Teacher Shafinar is handing English Outreach 2014 certificate to the participants of the societies' stalls.

Siti Khadijah of 5 Dedikasi is smiling happily while waiting for the special guests from other school to view her team's works on the literature component display cards.
At closing, all students were gathering to watch the performance by the students and to see who are the winners of the competitions held previously.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spell It Right competition (SIR)

On 15th of March, 12 students from form 4 and 5 try their luck in the SIR competition at Dewan SJKC Kong Aik, Kangar. but during the day only 9 pupils turned up.

They were given certificate by the organizer, the NST newspaper and its alliances.

Debate against SMK Syed Hassan & won !

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In service course at Malacca High School

4th March 2014, all teachers of SMK Raja Puan Muda Tengku Fauziah went to Malacca High School at Bandar Hilir, Melaka for benchmarking visit. For English Language panel, we focused on MBMMBI program that has been implemented by the High School. Here are the pictures of the visit.

At the school library

Sharing experience session between Sir Jegiathisan and Cik Munirah of MHS

The welcome brief by Mr Principal of MHS, a lot of things that we learn from this former Head of Inspectorate.

The MHS SAL room
A brilliant idea, draw a sudoku diagram on the wall
Unique signboard and the mural which has captured PLUS's attention

Monday, February 3, 2014

PLC symposium at Recsam, Penang

PLC team from Perlis after grand dinner

One of the foreign presenters, from Canada
PLC team from Perlis is presenting their finding of LS at the symposium

Awarded plak of appreciation

All participants are treated grand dinner by the BPG PLC committee

Speech by the director of RECSAM, Penang

Lesson Study at SMA Islahiah, Behor Mali - 24th October 2013

The new building of the school welcome the LS team of Perlis

Cikgu Fairuz in action

The observant teams at the back benches

The teacher uses numbers of realia to attract students' attention.

There are stages that requires students to work in group

A serious discussion of the teachers and IPG lecturers.

Realia used

There is time for every pupil to present their work.

The ending stage where everyone comment and help improving the lesson.

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